Coronavirus Statement

Since the temporary closure of Pagham Beach House during the national lockdown we were delighted to reopened again in beautiful weather on Monday 6 July. The Summer has been fabulous at Pagham and the Sun very kind to our guests.

Like many, the way we do business has changed. Because of demand and to allow for our new cleaning regime we rented only on a full week basis during July and August so we have decided that in future years those months should be a minimum of one week rentals.

Our cleaning team have always been superb but like all services there’s room for improvement. Taking a lead from Airbnb we have improved our cleaning to be even more thorough and to include antibacterial spray on ‘high touch surfaces’ at the end of each clean. addition, we have introduced more time between guests to allow extra time for cleaning and to air the house.

We are currently only allowing up to a maximum of six guests to stay at one time, and we require that no other visitors enter the house at any time during that stay.

We are also taking telephone and email addresses of all guests for track and trace, should we need to notify visitors of any outbreak in the neighbourhood following their departure. There have been no incidents locally to our knowledge and we hope it stays that way but we want to be prepared.

The lockdown quiet time has allowed us to do ongoing maintenance, we have also published our new Terms & Conditions of booking which can be found here.

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