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Things to do in Pagham

The house opens out directly onto the special vegetated shingle beach, local plants including red valerian, oxeye daisies, and sea kale all prosper on the beach. All the plants attract small sparrows which also enjoy pecking on the bugs living in our lavender on the beachside.


Walking is easiest at low tide with sand underfoot. Swimming is best on an incoming tide, you can check the tide tables here.

Being Active

swimming in pagham

Wild swimming

When we lived at the house we swam regularly from May through to October. The sea warms up with the sun over the Summer months. James installed the outdoor shower to rinse off the sea salt after your refreshing dip. The beach normally achieves an ‘Excellent’ rating and water samples are taken weekly between 1 May and 30 September. If you’d like to check here is the latest water quality at Pagham.

Paddleboarding in pagham

Paddleboarding and Kayaking

Many of our guests enjoy life on the water, in the Summer you might be joined by one of the seals also enjoying Pagham Harbour. If you are new to paddleboarding or kayaking there are two local contacts to organise a rental or lessons. Phil, who lives at Pagham is a very experienced Stand Up Paddleboarder, he runs Cave Active and will rent you a board or guide you.  Our local Pagham Beach Yacht Club also offers kayaks and boards to rent.

things to do in pagham


For those who enjoy life on two wheels, Pagham is wonderfully flat and easy to cycle, great for kids learning to ride. If you’re after a more strenuous  bike ride then you could tackle the hills in the South Downs National Park, here is a link to more challenging routes you could enjoy. Bikes can be kept securely in our locked garage but remember your padlock if you’re cycling to Bognor or Chichester.

Taking it Easy

Walking the dog

Of all the things to do in Pagham dog walking is the most popular with the locals. Dogs can enjoy a walk off the lead on the beach all year round. Please collect poo and use the bins by the Yacht Club and further along the beach towards Bognor. Our dog really enjoys a swim in the hotter months and you can use our shower to wash off salt and seaweed.

Beach walks in Pagham

Tidal walks & runs

For longer walks or keen runners Pagham Harbour is a beautiful, peaceful place. Here is a 5KM circuit which takes you past Pagham’s picturesque Norman Church, around the harbour and back along the beach. Running is tough on the pebbles, if you fancy a waterside run we suggest choosing a lower tide to be kind to your knees and hips. Running towards Bognor Regis and back at low tide is Jo’s favourite route for tiring out the dog.

things to do in pagham

Watch the world go by

By contrast if you’re looking for nothing to do, tuck into the corner of our leather banquette sofa and enjoy watching the world go by. The sofa area is three steps down, from here you can watch the sun rise over the sea, enjoy the birds scooting around on the breeze and watch the passers-by with their dogs. Pagham Yacht Club sail regularly on Summer Sundays. When the wind picks up the kite surfers appear to enjoy the swirl and kick of the gusty winds all year round.

Crab and Lobster pub church norton

2hr walk to the Crab & Lobster via Church Norton

This 2.5 mile walk takes you from the Beach House and around Pagham Harbour.  You need to set off at low tide as during wetter months the footpaths get muddy from the South Downs run-off.  Be aware if you’re having lunch you might need a cab home depending on tide times.

(Photo credit: Crab & Lobster)

things to do in pagham

Bird  watching at Pagham Nature Reserve

Pagham Beach House is located at the heart of the RSPB Pagham Nature Reserve. The sheltered harbour is an Internationally important wetland site. Throughout the year there are lots of birds to observe and enjoy. From the gulls which come to tap shell fish on our roof to the migrating Brent Geese staying overwinter from Canada and the distinctive, almost primitive, Cormorants with their elegant long necks which can often be seen holding their wings out to dry perched on the groyne posts.

(Photo credit: Pagham Nature Reserve)

star gazing on pagham beach

Star gazing

With our expansive picture window Pagham Beach is a great place to observe the uninterrupted night sky. Looking out over the sea you can regularly enjoy the full moon rising over the water. We’ve noticed the full moon regularly brings stunning clear skies in all seasons. For more detail of what stars are in the sky during your stay take a look at the planets in the night sky over Bognor Regis.

things to do in pagham

Reading a good book

Little can beat settling in with a good book by a crackling log fire, glass of wine to hand and perhaps a lightning storm over the sea. The Winter weather brings a contrasting sensation of life by the sea; colder and more dramatic the house is the perfect spot to hunker down with the underfloor heating warming up your toes the harsh weather outside is thrilling and invigorating.

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